Jan & David Robert's Collection

These pieces are from our collection which Jan and I have been acquiring from the late 1970s. We never intended it to be a ‘collection’ as such, we just bought and swapped pieces we loved from friends and colleagues over the years.

Since moving into our renovated and converted barn we have less space to display and enjoy these pieces. Rather than continue to hide these lovely pots away in cardboard boxes we decided to give other collectors the opportunity to purchase and enjoy these terrific ceramics.

Some of the pieces are by ‘big names’, some by lesser known makers, most are British but there are several pieces by foreign potters. Most we can identify and have clear memories of the story behind the purchase, some we have sadly forgotten the makers’ names – this is not a comment on the quality of the work but on our aged memories! However we think all are great examples of the potter’s art.

In the future we shall be periodically adding to this page with more ceramics and other objects including jewellery and textiles.

All dimensions are in centimetres, height x diameter unless specified differently 



Large Lidded Box  

John Glick - £750

2 Soda Fired Mugs

Ruthanne Tudball - £50 each

8 Piece Dinner & Side Dish Set

David Frith - Dinner Plate £60 each, side Plate £35 each

Salt Glazed Covered Jar 

Peter Starkey - £250

2 Coffee Cups & Saucers

Clive Bowen - £75 each

3 Soda Glazed Mugs

Ruthanne Tudball - £50 each

2 Earthenware Egg Cups 

Anna Lambert - £50 each

Large Stoneware Charger 

John Glick - £1500

Decorated Bowl

Yolande Beer - £100

Covered Jar

Willie Carter - £45

Stoneware Lidded Box

John Glick - £200

Stoneware Covered Jar

Eddie Hopkins (Winchcombe Pottery) - £75

Ash Glazed Jug

Phil Rogers - £350

Soda Glazed Jug

Ruthanne Tudball - £100

Earthenware Teapot   

Paul Jackson - £85

Salt Glazed Sculpture

Ian Gregory - £50

Small Stoneware Bowl

Aldrich Asenbryl - £40

Large Bowl

David Lloyd-Jones - £500

2 Cup Stoneware Tea Set

Derek Emms - £250

Stoneware Teapot

Unknown Artist (American) - £50

Large Stoneware Charger

David Frith - £200