large raku fired vessel by David Roberst

David Roberts

Painting with Smoke

David Roberts is one of the most significant ceramic artists working in Europe today.

A distinguished English potter, he has an international reputation as a leading practitioner in Raku ceramics: a technique with its origin in small-scale vessels made for the Tea Ceremony in late sixteenth-century Japan.

Roberts is acknowledged as responsible for the introduction and promotion of modern, large scale Raku in Europe. He has also been instrumental in its re-introduction to the United States of America, where his example has played a key role in the foundation of the Naked Raku movement.

In his personal exploration of this traditional technique, Roberts has transformed it into a vibrant and contemporary art form. His work is represented in public and private collections throughout the world.

Roberts is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain, an exhibiting member of Contemporary Applied Arts and an artist member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

Raku Firing